Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jay and Nicole's Anniversary Shoot at the Queen Mary, Long Beach

This shoot (from back in February 2012) was so fun, because,

1.  I was working with a very photogenic couple,
2. I was shooting at a location that I had never been to ever, let alone taken pictures at,
and 3. It was a night shoot and also outside of my norm

Shooting at night in a location that I have never been to was definitely going to be challenging, my only light source would be either my flash (which I HATE using) or whatever light sources we could find around the beautiful Queen Mary ship in the Long Beach harbor.  This would limit where we could shoot, but I was determined to do a good job with this!

Jay arranged the entire shoot for his wedding anniversary without telling his wife any of the plans.  She thought they were going to dinner and I met them in front of the restaurant with my camera in hand.  She had no idea, but as the ship's restaurants are pretty high end, she was dressed to the nines and ready to go for the shoot!

We walked around the ship and took some great, romantic shots of the two of them, and as of today it's still one of my favorite shoots that I've done. :) :)

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