Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beach Day!

Adventures of my point-and-shoot camera
See whole series here: Adventures of My Point-and-Shoot

This past weekend was a total lazy day kinda weekend.  I did a whole bunch of relaxing, sleeping in, lounging, picnicking, and hanging out at the beach.  A perfect weekend if you ask me. :)

While I was at the beach (we headed to Torrance Beach this time) I decided to take some pics to continue my point-and-shoot camera series.  This is kinda fun cause I like the look of the "amateur" style photos.  It's a different feel from my usual pics and it's neat to switch things up a bit. :)

So here are snippets from my day at the beach!


Team iNMAAKOi said...

Love it!! Even with a point and shoot, you are quite talented! :):):)

Goose Hill Academy said...

Even though I HATE sand, these pictures came out great! :> )


Manu said...

Good morning, Crystal ! I discovered your work by LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn has been suggesting me for a long time to invite you to connect, and I did it this morning. Having pushed the buttom without leaving a message, I thought it could be more corteous to leave one here :)

I like the pics of this day at the beach, especcially the one with the bucket and the shovels ! As you say, these pics, realized with usual and simple objects, have something of an amateur style, but the HD, and the treatment for colors give a real embellishment of this all-day-life things. The result comes awesome and it's really nice to look at.

Regards from France, Manu :)