Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Quick Plugs!

Shameless I know....but that's what this social media stuff is all about right?  Networking, sharing, exploring, learning, and business.  :)

Don't have time to blog much right now even though I have a ton of stuff to blog about before I leave for my 3 week Florida vacay in 2 days (!!), but I'm already way behind schedule getting out the door today....so just wanted to say:

1) Haven't done a plug for my own Facebook Fan Page for awhile - so pretty please with a marshmallow on top (waaay better than a cherry!) can you go become a fan of my Avery James Photography page??  I post WAAAY more stuff on there than I do on my blog. :)

2) If you liked the iNMAAKOi pics I posted recently - go become a fan of their page as well here (click on link) and also check out the ego-boosting blog post they did about our photo shoot here. :)

And that's all for today - I'll probably be absent from the blog world till I get back from Florida - but when I come back I'll be able to finish up my San Francisco vacation blog posts, have some Florida vacay posts, more pics from the last 4 or 5 shoots I haven't finished posting about yet, and 3 more Baby's First Year package shoots that will be happening over the next month or so after I get back.  Lots of fun stuff in store!!  

And if you're a fan of my AJP page on FB then you'll see the post notifications when they go up! ::hint hint!:: :) :) :)

Happy May-June everyone!! :)

OH!  I need a picture to post with this blog entry....what to put...uhmmm, lemme look through my folders.....

::a few minutes later::

Oh that's right!  I also took pictures at my friend's son's Taekwondo birthday party recently, so I need to blog about that one too!  Here's a pic from the party, pretty awesome little boy he is. :) 


jennifer said...

Haven't been by in awhile and your photos and shoots have gotten soo phenomenal!! I really can't wait to do another family shoot with you :) and I LOVE the wall art!!!

Avery James Photography said...

Jennifer - thank you so much for visiting my blog! And thank you soooo much for the wonderful compliment. :) :) I was thinking about you recently and wondering how you and your family have been doing. :) :) I do hope everything is going well and that the boys aren't growing TOO fast! They've both gotta be so big now cause it's been maybe...2 years since I've seen you guys??? Or somewhere close to that. Wow! Take care and talk to you soon!! :)


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