Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Culture and Lifestyle Magazine...and some pics of Caydan :)

Just a quick update for everyone. :)

I have been asked to be the official photographer for a potential new magazine (Culture and Lifestyle Magazine) that will be sponsored by the cities of Carson, Compton, and Lynwood.  This high-gloss publishment will feature stories and advertisements highlighting the redevelopment of these communities.

It's truly an awesome project...I have to admit that I am completely naive in terms of what these cities can offer the public.  But after spending the majority of this weekend driving around to a list of locations to take photos, I attained a huge amount of respect for what this cities are doing and the people in them.  It's an uplifting thing to see these cities being beautified and having so much attention being given to them.

I feel a teeny bit more educated after this weekend, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to experience more locations like these.

I can't post anything yet from this project until it's been finalized, approved, and published...but I would love to put up the final product when it's done.  Just not sure yet when that will be.  But you'll see it here first. :)

Just to not leave you hanging, here's a few photos I took of my son while we were out today....his beautiful and adorable face will have to suffice til I have time to post more pics. :)


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That's so exciting! Congratulations and I love the new pictures of your son, he is adorable.